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I am a 21 year old internet model and full time student. I love big boobs, the Florida Gators, psychology, and sex.
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Everytime I hear Ginuwine’s “Pony”


I keep picturing this

and this

i ain’t even mad. 

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Anonymous said: #camgirlproblems Someone wants to stuff a firecracker in my ass, drip ice cream all over my naked body and eat a hot dog from my pussy

Bahahahahaha. :P

Anonymous said: Do you think that if you bottled your squirt, it would get the same anticipation and desire as Beajoulais Nouveau?

I am not too sure who that is!

Anonymous said: do you prefer to have a guy lick your pussy, or sucking a guys cock?

Normally sucking a guys cock

elsharpspoint said: What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had?


Anonymous said: It's the 4th of July on Wednesday. Can I stuff a firecracker in your ass, drip ice cream all over your naked body and eat a hot dog from your pussy?

I am going to have to pass.

Any man can be trained to give a girl what could possibly be the most technically flawless fucking of her life, but if he doesn’t know what to whisper in her ear when he’s behind or how to look at her when he’s inside, then it doesn’t really matter.
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Anonymous said: you are sexy as hell

thank you! :)

Anonymous said: Not much. Excited to see what stuff you are uploading. I hope there is plenty of your cute butt in it :)


Anonymous said: What's up, cute butt?

Nothing much, just uploading stuff to send out :) you?

Anonymous said: My wife wants to try anal. That does not excite me enough to be able to accommodate her. Besides her dumping me for someone better, what can we do? :-/

Maybe anal toys! Only 1 of my partners liked anal. With the others, we would play with anal beads or anal plugs while fucking which can be fun :)